Charlie Partridge is a sonic clown, blending character work, stream of consciouness surrealism, vocal looping and smut. Dirty smut.

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He always dreamed of making stupid noises for a living and was told it couldn’t be done.

They were right.

Instead he turns tricks as a listless accent slut. As heard on the bus. As seen at Tesco.

Musical Comedy Awards Finalist 2019

Review from his 2018 Edinburgh show “I Can Make You Feel Good. By Comparison”

“Packed with laughs and great energy throughout, you can’t help but root for the hero” Fringe Guru ★★★★


Charlie has done stupid voices for Radio 4’s Newsjack and has performed on BBC Three as part of “BBC presents Edinburgh 2014” as well as appearing in the Javone Prince Show. In fact he does silly voices for lots of things like Xbox, vegetable companies and Sports Direct. Find his voice over agents here.

He was also part of a daily, Facebook Live, absurd, mime, improvised game-show during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games… which gathered 50 million views. Yes really.

Charlie loves improv and started when he was 19 with a university group. Since then he has performed and trained in London, Chicago, LA, New York and… Margate. Once he had to ‘fill’ for 2 hours at Bestival 2014 and created a 2 hour immersive theatre show using the 1000-strong audience as cast, and this became the basis of subsequent prating about.

Most recently he has combined his love of improv with his love of not-very-good-beatboxing to create a surreal routine which is actually harder than it looks. Ideal then.